Additional memory card, or better, IBM Microdrive. You can't live without it. 

10_accessories_kartica.JPG (11853 bytes) 

Digital cameras are battery eaters. You will need few packs of NiMH batteries, or better, the external battery pack.

10_accessories_baterije.JPG (10160 bytes)

...and battery charger.

10_accessories_polnilec.jpg (13639 bytes)

AC adapter will be very useful for saving the batteries when working in studio or downloading bigger amounts of pictures.

10_accessories_napajalnik.JPG (11718 bytes)

The Close-up diffuser, attached to the camera's accessory shoe, provides soft lighting for close-up pictures captured with a built-in flash.


Remote cord. It will be necessary to provide remote control of the shutter-release to prevent blurring. Also provides remote auto focus control.

10_accessories_sprozilec.JPG (7070 bytes)

You will need a tripod for close-up pictures captured with longer shooting time values. This small one will be very useful for photographing in nature.

 10_accessories_stojalo.jpg (18642 bytes)

If you want to use bigger filters as lens thread is, the adapter will be necessary.

10_accessories_adapter.JPG (14785 bytes)

Polar filter is not necessary for macros, but sometimes is very useful. It should be very thin otherwise the vignettes on the edges of pictures could be visible.

10_accessories_polar_filter.JPG (8103 bytes) 

Instead of common filters, the better solution could be Cokin filter adapter

10_accessories_polar_filter_cokin.JPG (8425 bytes)

The focal length could be changed with a add-lenses.

10_accessories_predleca.JPG (9948 bytes)

For special purposes, the half lens could be used

10_accessories_polleca.JPG (9445 bytes)

And, finally, for special purposes, a 50 mm lens...

10_accessories_objektiv_50mm.jpg (13687 bytes)

which can be fixed on the objective of your SLR-like only with a special coupling ring. You will hardly find it in photo stores. This one was made of 49/52 mm and 55/52  adapters by gluing them together. 10_accessories_coupling_ring.jpg (57554 bytes)
An finally, if you have a SLR digital camera the best magnification results will be reached with use of extension tubes.  10_accessories_extension_tubes.jpg (54550 bytes)