Buenos Aires

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Estacion RetroIn Buenos Aires you wont feel frost. Only in july, the coldest month in the year, you'll maybe need warmer clothes. The summer is not very hot. On these february cloudy days it was around twenty degrees Centigrade.

In the summer the climate is moderate hot and dry. Est Porto MaderoThe rain comes mostly in spring and autumn. Although the temperature in the time of our stay was pleasant, the climate was humid and heavy and the nights were hot.

Argentineans speak unique spanish with italian accent. They understand italian and portuguese, but their language is not spanish but castellano. So, if you don't understand spanish, you will say it: 'No hablo castellan'. Double L they don't pronounce as spanish 'll' but as soft french 'g', depends of the word. Word Old car on Est Porto Madero'Cordillera' will sound 'kordyshiera'; you should also eat last 's' on the end.

On the streets the former friendship with United States of America is still noticeable. Most frequent cars are Chevrolet and Ford and are still usable even some are looking very crumbling.

Buenos Aires arised from small spanish port which originated as post of Spanish conquistador Don Pedro de Mendoza in year 1536. He named the port 'Ciudad del Espíritu Santo y Puerto Santa María del Buen Ayre'. It was leaving off, but established again in year 1580 by Juan de Garay who named it 'Ciudad de Trinidad'. In nineteenth century this place became a home of thousands of immigrants from Spain, Italy, Poland, Est Porto Madero - Dique 2Russia and even Syria. Later, in early 20th century it became a refuge to inhabitants of other Latin America's countries, what indicated the beginning of biggest cultural heterogeneous cosmopolitan metropolis in South American continent.

Because of good geographical position at mouth of Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires became the main marine center for entire south american mainland. The present name it got after it's favourable climate; buenos aires means in spanish - good winds.Av. 9. de julio

In core of town live over three millions of people. With all of suburbs Buenos Aires counts over thirteen millions of people. This is one third of all of Argentinean population.

If we add here Catamarca, Mendoza, Rosario, Salta, La Rioja and few other provincial main towns, we can guess that in country remains only few people. We'll feel that when we travel over 300 miles towards Cordillera.


Buenos Aires


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